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 Frequently Asked Support Questions
At CentreLearn we take great pride in the support we provide our customers. In addition to quickly returning emails and phone calls, we also want our training system administrators and personnel to achieve self-sufficiency and capacity to access and use their CentreLearn Training system day and night.

Also, find step-by-step instructions for common administrator tasks.

Password Reset

Question: I’m unable to log in. How do I reset my Password?
Answer: To reset your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the log in screen. Enter your email address and click on the button to “Send Password Reset Email.” Follow the email instructions to reset your password.
Reset Password
Reset Password 2
If you no longer have access to the email address listed in your account or if your account has an invalid email address on file, fill out the support request form to contact us.
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Reset Password Email

Question: Help! I didn’t get my email for my password reset. What now?
Answer: Emails are automatically sent once the password reset form is submitted. Check your Spam or Junk folders in your email client. Does the email address you entered match the one registered for your account? Is the email address you entered the email that is in your account?  If you do not get your email within 10 minutes, please contact us and we can assist you.
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Update Profile

Question: How do I edit or update my password, email, or other profile information?
Answer: Click on Profile at the top of your home screen in the CentreLearn Training System. From there, you can update your email address, password, and other profile information. To update your credentials, click on Credentials.
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Acceptance of Courses

Question: Are CentreLearn courses accepted by my state for recertification?
Answer: All of the courses in the EMS course catalog – ALS, BLS, and OSHA courses – are CECBEMS-accredited and can be applied to National Registry recertification requirements. Check with your state or regional EMS office’s website for acceptance of CECBEMS-accredited distributive learning courses.
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Replay Course

Question: I really liked a course. How can I watch it again?
Answer: Log in to the CentreLearn Training System. Click on the Records tab and then click the Replay Course button next to the course you would like to watch again.
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Training Records

Question: Do you still have my training records?
Answer: We store your training records and do not delete any records, even when you leave an organization. You can always log in to your account and access your records at any time by clicking on the Records tab. If your account was in the CentreLearn Classic LMS, please contact us for a copy of your certificates and transcript. For individuals, continue training online with the EMS and Fire course catalogs by creating an individual account.
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Unable to Log In

Question: I am attempting to log in to the CentreLearn Classic LMS and I am being told my account is inactive. What’s up?
Answer: If your organization has already transitioned to the new CentreLearn Training System, your Classic account is inactive. Look in your email for instructions on logging in to the new CentreLearn Training System. If there is nothing in your inbox, check your Spam or junk folders. You can also attempt resetting your password. Please contact us if you need assistance.
If your organization has not transitioned to the CentreLearn Training System and your CentreLearn Classic LMS account is inactive, check with your training officer or administrator regarding the status of your account.
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Recommended Operating Systems and Internet Browsers

Question: What are recommended operating systems and internet browsers for the CentreLearn Training System?
Answer: For the best experience with the CentreLearn Training System, we recommend Windows 7 or Windows 8 for Windows computers with an up-to-date browser. For Apple computers, we recommend updated versions of Mavericks (10.9), Mountain Lion (10.8), and Lion (10.7) with an up-to-date operating system and browser. Read more about Supported Operating Systems and Browsers.
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Watch Courses with iPad and Other Mobile Devices

Question:  Can I use my iPad or other mobile device to watch courses?
Answer: The CentreLearn courses in the CentreLearn Training System are published in HTML5 which means many mobile devices may be used to watch our courses.
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Course Completion Problem

Question:  I watched an online course to the end, but the course is not completing and I can’t take the test.
Answer: Some common causes are internet security software, use of custom/modified internet browsers, and browser settings. Please make sure you are allowing the sites and in any security software. You also will want to use a standard/non-modified version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browser. Modified versions of Internet Explorer, such as MSN Explorer and AOL Explorer, do not play nicely with many online training systems. You can also set your browser settings to default. If this does not work, you can also try the CentreLearn Training System in another browser to see if it is a browser setting that is stopping your lecture from completing. Please contact us if you need assistance.
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Talk to a Human

Question: What if I just want to talk to a real live human being?
Answer: We encourage you to submit your support request or inquiry with this form, but are always happy to hear from you. We can be reached  toll-free 877-435-9309 or 717-227-4655. If it’s after hours and urgent, you can leave us a message and our on-call support staff will get back to you.
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Time to Load Course

Question: Why is the lecture taking so long to load?
Answer: CentreLearn strives to deliver an online training experience that is efficient, smooth, and loads quickly. We will work with you to determine the source of a page or video loading slowly.  That being said, page and video load speeds are impacted by many factors like your internet connection’s speed and type, the amount of traffic on your network, your computer’s health (viruses and spyware can dramatically impact performance), and your computer’s processor speed and memory.  Video performance is always a function of the maximum bandwidth of your internet connection, which may be divided by other computers or devices on your network.  There are things you can do to improve performance. Completely exit out of applications or programs that may be using bandwidth in the background, like your email, chat, or sharing applications. Make sure to use the most current version of your internet browser. Clearing your browser’s cache can also help.  Please contact us if you need assistance.
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RapidCE: Continuing Education for Individuals

Question: Can I use CentreLearn as an Individual?
Answer: Yes. RapidCE, powered by CentreLearn, gives individual EMTs and paramedics access to all of the EMS and Fire courses, as well as articles and webcasts from EMSWorld. Pay $6.95 per credit or purchase a 1-year ($59.95) or 2-year ($99.95) subscription from
RapidCE - Powered by CentreLearn
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