How-To: Automatic Account Inactivation

How-To: Automatic Account Inactivation

Managing personnel is something that administrators and training officers do throughout the year. The CentreLearn Training system has functionality to automate deactivations based on a user’s activity level.

These settings control automatic account inactivation. They remove users’ membership from your organization’s CentreLearn account roster. They will still be able to log into CentreLearn to view their records, and do not have access to your organization’s assignments or tools. Inactive users do not count towards your billed seats.

Select the Settings tab. Scroll down the Accounts section

Enable Automatic Account Inactivations to deactivate users that have not logged into the CentreLearn Training System for the set number of months listed under Inactivity Threshold.

The system checks for users to be deactivated every week on Sundays at 11:59 PM Eastern.

Personnel must contract a CentreLearn Training System administrator to have their account reactivated.

When you reactivate a user, have the user log into their account prior to Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern. This prevents the system from automatically deactivating them again.

Set notifications on automatic account inactivations by entering personnel with active CentreLearn Training System accounts in Account Inactivation Notification Users.