About CentreLearn

CentreLearn was founded in 2000 with a simple, but revolutionary goal: Build a world-class learning management system that would help organizations harness the power of the Internet to deliver training and share information among multidisciplinary groups.
How We Got Started
CentreLearn’s Classic Learning Management System was first deployed in 2001 to meet the training, recordkeeping and continuing education needs of thousands of medical professionals who form the multidisciplinary disaster response teams of the United States Department of Health and Human Services National Disaster Medical System. CentreLearn continued to grow in popularity among private companies, local and state government agencies, and the military. In 2005, CentreLearn merged with EMSED.COM, a leading provider of online multimedia continuing education programs and training program support services for emergency medical services agencies and fire departments.
Where We Are Today
VectorLearning, a leader in online education and training for a broad range of industries through its RedVector, TargetSolutions, and CiNet-RedVector brands, acquired CentreLearn in September of 2014. CentreLearn has merged with TargetSolutions, combining the Fire and EMS industry’s two leading providers of web-based training management services.  Learn More