Report Overview: Training Hours by Group

Report Overview: Training Hours by Group
Do you need to know how many total hours are taken by a specific group or how many hours were taken in a specific category? A report has been added that can show you both of these pieces of information. To view this report, go to Training Manager and access Reports from the left menu. Click Report next to Training Hours by Group.
The following are criteria that you may select. A date range is required before the report will run. All reports may be exported to your email in CSV format. Export this report to see the totals for all available categories for all groups. An important note to remember whenever running this report is that if personnel are in multiple groups or if a course/activity has multiple categories assigned to it, it will inflate the total count.
What Does This Report Look Like?
In this example, we can see in this report that our Fire Prevention group completed 5587.5 hours of training last year.
With this report, we can also identify how many hours in a specific category were taken. In the example below, 92 hours were taken in NFPA – 1001 Firefighter within the Fire Prevention group.
When no groups are selected, we see the total credits (in all or by category) for each group, as seen below.
When exported, the CSV file will look like the image below.