How-To: Editing and Deleting Activity Records

Editing and Deleting Activity Reports
Activities are in-person training records that have been added into the CentreLearn Training System for individuals. If an activity is added to a person’s account, it may also be deleted.
To manage activities, go to Training Manager and access Activities from the left. Click Edit next to the applicable activity.
Make any needed changes to the title, description, date, categories, and hours. To remove an individual from an activity, click the X next to their name under Users and click Save Changes.
If the activity needs to be deleted, remove all the users then click Save Changes. This will return you to the Activities main page. Click Edit next to the activity. If the changes are still in progress, you will see this message.
With this message, no further updates can be made on the assignment. Once the updates have be completed, a Delete button will be available.
Clicking Delete will bring up a screen prompt asking for confirmation – Are you sure you wish to delete this activity?
If you are sure, click OK, if you have changed your mind, click Cancel.