How-To: Launch and Use Virtual Meeting

How-To: Launch and Use Virtual Meeting
With the CentreLearn Training System, your organization may have access to our premium feature – Virtual Meeting. With Virtual Meetings, schedule online training or meetings with your personnel. This allows you to share your screen with audio and video conferencing.
Scheduling a Virtual Meeting
Under Training Manager, access Activities from the left menu.
Select +Virtual Meeting.
Enter your meeting information. Categories and credit hours may be assigned – attendance will show on the user’s Transcript.
Users and groups may be added when creating or editing the meeting.
Click Save Changes.
Launching Your Virtual Meeting
Make sure that your computer is not logged into GoToMeeting. Check by going to your lower right hand corner taskbar’s Show Hidden Icons area and looking for the GoToMeeting yellow flower. If it is there, right click it and choose Exit.
From your Home area, select Start Meeting.
This logs you in as an organizer of the meeting.
Joining a Virtual Meeting
Login to your CentreLearn Training System account
From the Home screen, click Join Meeting.
Key Points:

  • Virtual meeting will only allow 25 connections to the meeting
  • Administrators, Group Managers, and personnel with the role Manage Activities can create/manage Virtual Meetings
  • Groups and/or individuals may be invited
  • A Microsoft Outlook invite is sent to the organizer and personnel. The meeting is launched from their Home area.
  • A meeting cannot be launched until 15 minutes before the start time
  • If either an attendee or organizer accidentally leaves the meeting, they may re-enter by going to the Home screen
  • In Reports you may view virtual meeting attendance
  • Individuals launch the virtual meeting through their Home screen – if they do not have a CentreLearn Training Account that has been shared the meeting, they will not be able to launch and join the meeting