Video Recommendations for MP4 Videos

Video Recommendations for MP4 Videos
With our easy to use Course Builder, many of our organizations are building their own courses. We sometimes get asked concerning mp4 videos, what sort of requirements we have for the uploads. While we have no actual file size limit, we recommend the tips below for the best user experience:
Keep the total video size under 250 MB

  • The smaller the file, the less buffering for the user

Try to keep videos to 30 minutes or less – this tends to make it easier to keep the file size down while keeping the quality high

  • You can definitely do longer videos, but you still want to keep an eye on the total file size
  • We do have clients that have hour long videos and have no issues, but they keep the file size to 250 MB or less

There are no specific mp4 setting recommendations for frame rate, pixel ratios, bit rate, etc.