How-To: Share Courses Between Organizations

How-To: Share Courses Between Organizations
Many of our organizations share custom courses and training materials with other departments. If you would like to share your courses with a specific other department or departments, please contact us for getting this initially setup for you.
Some Key Points about Sharing Courses

  • Individual courses and catalogs of courses can be shared
  • Shared courses do not show up in the Course Builder of the non-creator organization
  • Shared courses can be assigned and reported on in the Training Manager’s Reports area
  • If sharing access is removed from a course in the creating organization:
    • That course can no longer be added to a new assignment
    • The course can still be accessed through existing assignment if a user has not completed the assignment
    • To report on completion of a pulled course, run an Assignment completion report
  • If a course has classroom sessions/attendance components, the course cannot be shared.
  • Other organization must be a CentreLearn customer

How to Share an Individual Course Go to Training Manager and access Course Builder on the left menu. Click Edit next to the course you wish to share. Add the organization you want to share the course with under Share with Organizations.
Click Save Course or Save and Exit. How to Share a Custom Catalog of Courses Go to Training Manager and access Catalogs from the left menu. Click Edit next to your custom catalog. If you do not currently have any custom catalogs, click the +New Catalog button. Add the organization you wish to share the catalog with under “Add Organizations to share this Catalog with”. While not required, this is also a great chance to double-check your listed courses to ensure that none need to be added or moved.
Once done, click Save Changes.