How-To: Regrade a Custom Quiz

How-To: Regrade a Custom Quiz
If on a custom quiz, some of the questions had the wrong answer selected and users who should have passed did not, it is possible to update the question and have the quiz regraded.
Go to Training Manager and access Course Builder from the left menu.
Click Edit next to the applicable course.
Click Edit on the quiz course component
Click Edit next to the question bank that contains the incorrect question.
Click Edit next to the question.
Update the answer selected and click Save Question, then Finish, and Save Quiz.
Once this is complete, you should be back at your course page.  Click the regrade icon.
Key Points: 
• Regrading only affects personnel that have failed the quiz, not those who have already passed.
• If someone passes the quiz due to regrading, they will resume the course and go directly to their quiz results.
• If a course is using a question bank from another course, you must edit the question from its original course.