How-To: Add a Custom Quiz to Your Custom Course

How-To: Add a Custom Quiz to Your Custom Course
When creating a custom course, you may also want to evaluate your personnel. To do this, you can create quizzes for your courses, including randomization options and multiple question banks so each quiz is unique. To do this, follow the steps below.
Under Training Manager, access Course Builder from the left menu
Click Edit next to the course you want to add the custom quiz
Click Add Course Component.
Choose Quiz – Build a Custom Quiz from the selection and click Select Type.
Create a title for the quiz and select a label. Set the time limit, number of attempts, results format, and passing percentage. Click Next.
Setup a question bank or select an existing question bank. Question banks allow you to pull a set number of questions from it to be added to your quiz. For example, our courses have question banks set up for each of our course objectives. The quiz pulls the set number of questions from each bank to create the quiz. Existing question banks are useful for reusing question banks from other courses. Some organizations also use existing question banks for a set of read and understand/acknowledgement questions associated with courses that pertain to protocols or SOPs. Once you have typed your new question bank name or selected your existing bank, click Next.
If you selected to create a new question bank, the Manage Questions window comes up. Select a question type – Multiple Choice or True or False.
Enter the question text. If you need more than four answers, click Add Answer for each additional answer. If you need less than four answers, click the 19-Adding-Custom-Quiz-6 to the right of the answer. Optionally, add feedback responses. You can opt not to randomize answers. If your question has a choice like “A and B” make sure you add the letters in front of the answer choices. If you have any image files (.jpeg or .gif) for the question or answers, you can add them by clicking the “Choose File” button. Click the 19-Adding-Custom-Quiz-7 next to the correct answer. The image will then highlight in green. Once you are finished with this question, click Add Question.
Click Add Question to add additional questions to your question bank
Once all your questions have been added, click Finish.
Add additional question banks and questions by clicking the Add New Question Bank button.
With your question bank(s) setup, verify your quiz properties are correct and that you are pulling your intended number of questions. Once this is complete, click Save Quiz at the bottom.