How-To: Create Assignments or Tasks for Your Personnel

How-To: Create Assignments or Tasks for Your Personnel
The CentreLearn Training System currently has four types of stand-alone assignments to choose from when assigning courses to your personnel. Choose from assigning specific courses, assigning a category/topic, sharing access to catalogs, and assigning documents.
All course assignments and tasks for courses are given through Training ManagerAssignments. The four types of assignments are – Assign Specific Course, Assign Credit Hours, Make Catalog Available, and Assign Document.
All assignments may be given to groups, individuals, or a mixture of both. Once created, assignments are added in a background queue for processing. There may be a delay before the assignment is visible to your personnel.
+Assign Specific Course
This is used to assign a certain course or group of courses to your personnel. Click on the +Assign Specific Course button. Give the assignment a specific title, due date, expiration date and add the required courses. Other fields are optional. To reoffer specific courses that have already been completed, include a Start Date to force a new completion within your date range. Click Save Changes once complete.
+Assign Credit Hours
If you wish to assign a category or topic to your personnel, but do not necessarily care which courses they take within that category, you will want to use the Assign Credit Hours.Click on the +Assign Credit Hours Button. Give this assignment a specific title, due date, hours required, category of courses, and select what catalog to pull courses from. The other fields are optional. Click Save Changes once complete.
For an example, with this assignment type, you can assign your paramedic group 4 hours of continuing education from the category NREMT – Obstetrics and Pediatrics. You also need to assign from which catalog(s) the courses may be pulled. For example, if you pick the category NREMT – Obstetrics and Pediatrics and the catalog “CentreLearn ALS” catalog, this assignment will offer courses to your personnel that are in the ALS catalog that have the NREMT – Obstetrics and Pediatrics category assigned to them.
+Make Catalog Available
This is a self-enroll, low maintenance method to assigning courses. It gives your users the ability to choose any course out of a catalog with no associated due or expiration dates. Give the assignment a title (such as CentreLearn ALS Courses), and pick the catalog(s). The other fields are optional. Click Save Changes once complete.
+Assign Document
This assignment requires that your personnel read a document you have uploaded to the Document Manager, and attest they have read it. This assignment type requires that documents are available through your organization’s Document Manager. Add a title, due date, expiration date, and select the required document. Only one document can be required per assignment. All other fields are optional. Click Save Changes once complete. For more information on document assignments, please visit our Documents Support page.
Editing and Recalculating Assignments
Once an assignment has been created and saved, it may be later changed by going to Training Manager and then to Assignments on the left. Click Edit next to the assignment in question.
All assignment changes and updates, once saved, will go into a background queue for processing. While it is processing your changes, no additional changes may be made and you will see the following messages within the assignment.
Edited assignments will also display a red Recalculate button.
Use this button to have the system examine and ensure that everyone given the assignment has it available to him or her. This button will also display in edited training plan assignments.