How-To: Edit Credentials and Attach a Credential Image

Training officers and Administrators can add credential information, including images, to their users’ accounts. Follow the directions below to add or edit your personnel’s credentials.
Adding an Image or Updating Individual Credential Information
Under Training Manager, select Personnel from the left menu and click Edit next to the user you want to edit/add a credential to their account. Go to the Credentials tab then click the Edit pencil to edit (or delete) a listed credential or the +Add Credential to add a new credential.
To add an image of the credential card, click the Edit pencil and choose a file under the Attach Credential Image area.
What happens if you have several users that you need to update or add new credentials to their account?
This can be done through Training ManagerUtilities and selecting Import Credentials.
Follow the credential import tips/requirements listed in the blue box as you fill out the template (downloaded by clicking either orange button).
When you are ready, click Import File.