How-To: Inactivate and Add Users

Managing personnel is something that administrators and training officers do throughout the year. As staff changes, you may need to remove personnel from your CentreLearn roster and add new personnel.
This removes the user’s membership from your organization’s CentreLearn account roster. They will still be able to log into CentreLearn to view their records, but will not have access to your organization’s assignments or tools. Inactive users do not count towards your billed seats.
Under Training Manager, access Personnel on the left menu. Click Edit next to the user you want to inactivate. Toggle the green Active button to red Inactive then click Save Changes.
Reactivating a User
Under Training Manager, access Personnel on the left menu. Click the orange View inactive link.
Click Edit next to the user you want to reactivate. Toggle the red inactive button to green Active then click Save Changes.
Method 1 – Send an email link: Under Training Manager, access Groups. Click Edit next to the group you want them in. Under Invitations – either enter the email address and click Invite, or copy the link and send it to the user via email. This has them create their account in your organization and adds them to the group. Also, this works for inviting personnel into groups as well-they are prompted after clicking the link to either create an account or login.
Method 2 – Create their account for them: Under Training Manager, access Personnel. Click +New User and fill out the fields. If New Account Notification Emails are Enabled in Settings, the user will receive an email notifying them of their account creation. Required fields are:  First and Last Names, Password (and confirmation), email address (username), Address line 1, City, State, and Zip/Postal Code. You also can add their groups and permissions as well.
Method 3 – Batch Utilities (good if you are adding many users or already have user information in a spreadsheet): Go to Training ManagerBatch Utilities –Click Import next to Import Users.
Download one of the templates, add information, save the file, and then import file. Users will not receive an email notification that an account has been created for them.