How-To Assign a Manager of Groups

Introduction to Manager of Groups (Group Admin)
The CentreLearn Training System provides a lot of flexibility to the roles and capabilities that can be given to individual personnel or users. In organizations with lots of personnel that have responsibilities to lead or document training, or departments that are using CentreLearn as part of a regional or statewide deployment, Group Admin functionality gives key personnel access to important functionality without making them an administrator. Commonly a Manager of Groups has a job title like station captain, shift commander, field supervisor, training division instructor, or training officer without also having the complete responsibility as the CentreLearn Training System Administrator.
Consider these use cases for a Manager of Groups:

  • Firefighter needs assistance updating his profile and updating a credential
  • Heavy Rescue Team leader wants to add a new credential for team members that are in the group
  • Lead paramedic leads a hands-on training for on-duty paramedics with a new IO device
  • Instructor uses a virtual meeting to review documentation principles with personnel at each of the stations
  • Training officer wants to email all EMTs a reminder to bring current CPR card to their next face-to-face meeting
  • Truck company views and records completion of an On Scene Video
  • Shift commander is asked for an update on Training Plan completion for the members of ‘A’ Shift Group

Review of Role Permissions
Each personnel has a Profile that allows an Administrator to assign Roles to the personnel. Those roles include:
Capabilities of a Manager of Groups
In addition to assigning Roles, personnel can also be given permission to be a Manager of Groups.
A Manager of Groups, also known as a Group Admin, is able to do these things:

  • Assign Documents that are shared to the group they manage
  • View incomplete Assignments made to personnel in the Group
  • Change Assignment Status to active or inactive
  • Record instructor-led activities; Record Other Training, View On Scene Videos, Watch Course as a Group
  • Schedule, reschedule, or remove a Virtual Meeting
  • Post Messages to the personnel in the groups they manage
  • Preview Courses available to the organization
  • View the personnel in the Group they manage
  • Edit the Profile of personnel in the Group, including adding and updating Credentials
  • View personnel’s history in the system, including changes and emails
  • Search and show personnel in a group, including changing group status as active or inactive
  • Add a Required Credential for Group members
  • Send an email to Group members
  • Run, export, and schedule any of the 1-Click Reports for the group

A Manager of Groups, unless they have other Roles, are unable to:

  • Manage Assignments and Training Plans
  • Upload additional Documents
  • Manage Administrators that might be a member in the group

Learn More about Manager of Groups
Contact us to learn more about Manager of Groups and role permissions that can be granted to the personnel in the CentreLearn Training System.

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