How-To: Add a New Training Activity Using Record Other Training

Instructor-Led Activities let the training officer or administrator track completion of hands-on training or classroom instruction, online courses watched together as a group, or videos viewed as a group from our library of expertly-selected best-of-the-web content.
All Activities show as instructor-led in a user’s Records tab.
To Record Hands-On Training, Drills, Simulations, Seminars, etc.
Under Training Manager, access Activities from the left menu
Click the +Record Other Training button
Add the details to the required fields. Non-highlighted fields are optional. If you wish for this activity to count towards a training plan, make sure that a category is listed. Click Save Changes to add the record to the selected users’ Records.
View On Scene Videos from our On Scene Video Library
Under Training Manager, access Activities from the left menu
Click the +View On Scene Video button
Search for a video by training categoryincident type, or keyword.
Select your video by clicking the View button next to the video.
Click the diagonal arrows to make your video full-screen.
Discussion ideas, suggested training categories, and recommended skills to practice together are provided. Once the video is complete, fill out the Training Record form. Included is an editable title and description.
How to Watch a Course as a Group (formerly Team Learning)
Under Training Manager, access Activities from the left menu
Click +Watch Course as a Group
Search for the course you watch to watch as a group. Select your course by clicking the View button next to the course.
Click the Play Course button.
You will see the different components of the course along the top. Click their names to open each component.
Course documents, such as course notes, are found in the lower left corner. Click the file folder to select and open the documents.
Once you have viewed the components as a group, click on Participation. Add the users that participated in your team learning and the date and time you viewed the lecture together. To add users, start typing their name, the system will start to give you suggestions of users to select once enough characters have been entered. Once you are done, click Add Participants.
This allows the users to login and immediately take their quiz.
If after doing this, the user does not see the course on their Home tab, they may not have access to the course to take the quiz. Create an assignment for them by going to Training Manager, accessing Assignments, and clicking the +Assign Specific Course button.

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