HIPAA TV Online Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who are the HIPAA TV Online presenters?
Answer: HIPAA TV features national EMS attorneys Doug Wolfberg and Steve Wirth, authors of the industry’s leading HIPAA compliance materials, so you know the information is reliable and presented in an easy to understand way.


Question: How can I order HIPAA TV Online for our organization?
Answer: Contact us to purchase.
Question: Will HIPAA TV Online fulfill my organization’s HIPAA training requirements?
Answer: HIPAA TV Online is a comprehensive training solution for ambulance service personnel on the updated 2010 HIPAA laws and regulations. Review the training with your organization’s compliance officer to ensure it meets the training requirements of your personnel.
Question: What does HIPAA TV Online  include?
Answer: HIPAA TV Online includes these components:

  • 53-minute video with realistic, scenario-based training
  • Comprehension and application post-test
  • Lesson hand-outs and an instructor guide

Question: Is HIPAA TV Online a classroom training program?
Answer: HIPAA TV Online allows your personnel to take the program anytime, anywhere, and to complete the training at their own pace. The CentreLearn Training System allows training officers to track their employees’ progress and completion of the training. The Watch Course as Group Activity does allow group viewing of the video followed by individual completion of the post-test.
Question: What does HIPAA TV Online Cost?
Answer: HIPAA TV Online pricing starts at $24.95 per user with a minimum group purchase of 15 users. Contact us about tiered pricing for large groups of personnel. HIPAA TV Online gives your organization accessibility and flexibility to ensure all required personnel complete HIPAA training requirements.
Question:Is HIPAA TV Online current and up-to-date?
Answer: HIPAA TV Online is the 4th edition of the popular HIPAA TV training program from Page, Wolfberg, and Wirth. HIPAA TV Online was produced after the 2009 HIPAA law amendments were passed. HIPAA TV Online meets current mandatory HIPAA training requirements. It includes easy-to-follow discussions of all of the new HIPAA laws and regulations.
Question: After completing HIPAA TV Online do I earn a certificate of completion?
Answer: Personnel that complete all elements of the HIPAA TV Online training program will earn a certificate of completion. Using CentreLearn Training System 1-Click Reports, training officers can easily track and report completion of HIPAA TV Online by their personnel.
Question: I have already purchased the HIPAA TV 4th edition DVD. Can I use HIPAA TV Online?
Answer: Yes, if you have already purchased the HIPAA TV 4th edition DVD you will receive a credit toward the purchase of HIPAA TV Online. Contact us about this credit and to transition to HIPAA TV Online.
Question: Can I add new users to HIPAA TV Online as I hire new employees?
Answer: Yes, additional users can easily be added to your HIPAA TV Online training program at any time.
Question: I have more questions about HIPAA TV Online.
Answer: We are glad to answer your questions. Please contact us so we can follow-up with you promptly.

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