Course Builder Course Component Descriptions

CentreLearn gives administrators and training officers many options of components to add to courses that they build. Here is a breakdown of the different course components.
Attendance Tracker – Track attendance for classroom course module.
If you had selected to include Classroom Sessions when initially creating your course, this course component type is available. Add this to your course when your personnel must attend your classroom session.
Build a Page – Create your own page with a WYSIWYG text editor.
This allows you to add custom text directly into your course. Add a descriptive title and add what you want your users to see in Page Content, complete with font customization options. Once you add and customize your document, click Save Changes.
Embed/iFrame – Embed content from another site via an iFrame.
This is used when you want to add something from another site, like Survey Monkey, Prezi, Google Forms,, or (the list is truly endless). This is widely based on the individual sites and their settings. When you find an item that you like/have created, find the Embed code and click it to get and copy the code. Once you have this code copied, paste it into Page Content. Additional information and assistance can usually be found by going to the site’s support area. Once the fields are filled out, click Save Changes.
PDF Document – Upload a PDF document.
Add any .pdf document to this course component to make it viewable in your course. Add a title, choose a label, and add the file. Once you are finished doing this, click Save Changes. This PDF can also be added in Course Documents in the lower left corner of your course builder. This allows for later viewing an optional document or for viewing or downloading the document at any time in the course, other than during quizzes and surveys.
Quiz – Build a custom quiz.
Create a custom quiz with multiple choice or true/false questions. Build question banks, and set customized quiz settings. Please see the support page on custom quizzes for additional information.
SCORM or AICC Package – Upload a SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or AICC package.
SCORM and AICC packages verify that whatever parameters you set as required are being met throughout the entire piece. As an example, one of our lectures published in this format may have a parameter that 54 of 54 slides are completely watched prior to being marked as complete. This requires specialized software. Select your zipped package; give it a title, label, select your playback option (should it display in the same window or a separate window) then click Save Changes. Once your file is successfully uploaded into your course, you will receive an email.
SlideShare Presentation – display a presentation.
SlideShare is a way to share PowerPoint/slide presentations. Please see our support pagefor directions on using SlideShare with CentreLearn.
Survey – Build a custom survey.
CentreLearn offers the ability to create course surveys for your courses. There are seven different question formats available – multiple choice, true/false, free text, and several frequently used scales. For directions and more information please see our survey builder support page.
MP4 Video – Upload an mp4 video, and ensure that users watch it to completion.
Upload your .mp4 videos using this format. If you have a video that is not in .mp4 format, you will need to convert the file. Choose your .mp4 file; add a title, label, and any prompts and click Save Changes. Additionally, CentreLearn ensures that the video is watched until the end prior to being marked as complete. We also restrict the user from fast-forwarding through the video.
URL/Link – Display a web page, document, or video from another site with just the URL.
If you have another site that you want your users to visit, all you need to do is add a title, label, and copy the URL into the course component. Once you are finished doing this, click Save Changes. This will display the URL page listed in the course component. Once the user has gone to the site, they are able to continue.
YouTube Video – Display any YouTube video that is public or unlisted, and ensure users watch it to completion.
Add unlisted or public YouTube videos to your courses. Additionally, CentreLearn ensures that the video is watched until the end prior to being marked as complete and restricts the user from fast-forwarding through it. Add a title, label, prompt, and URL link, and then Save Changes.

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