How-To: Read Announcements and Run a 1-Click Announcement View Report in the CentreLearn Training System

Reading and Monitoring Announcements
In the CentreLearn Training System, announcements can be sent to personnel’s accounts.
Creating Announcements
To create an announcement, go to Training Manager and access Announcements from the left menu.
Click +New Announcement, enter a title, and add text. Select which groups will see the announcement.
Click Save Changes.
Viewing Announcements
To access any announcements, click the bell in the upper right of the screen.
Unread announcements will have an orange circle with a number in it.
Once the bell is selected, you may see all the announcements. Older announcements can be accessed on the left.
See Who Has Viewed an Announcement
Administrators and those with the ability to manage announcements can see who has read, or not read, an announcement.
To do this, go to Training Manager and access Reports on the left menu.
To view who has viewed a specific announcement, click Report next to Announcement Views.
To view who has not viewed a specific announcement, click Exception Report next to Announcement Views.
Select the announcement and optionally select which groups and users to check the status then click View Report.

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