How-To: Add a Prezi as a Course Component in the Course Builder

The CentreLearn Training System allows training officers to easily and intuitively create training content using best-of-the-web training from SlideShare, YouTube, and Prezi. Whether it is a presentation or video you have created, or a publicly available presentation or video, it can be used as a Course Component.

About Prezi

Prezi is an online presentation program. A “prezi” can be embedded into a course using the “Embed/iFrame – Embed content from another site via an iFrame” Course Component Type in the new CentreLearn Training System.
Find the Prezi Embed Code
This is a Prezi about the CentreLearn Training System. To get the embed code for the Course Component by clicking on “Embed.”

Copy the embed code to the clipboard.

Create a Course Component with Prezi Embed Code

Select the “Embed/iFrame” Course Component Type in the CentreLearn Training System.
Insert the embed code as the “Page Content” on the Embed/iFrame Course Component Type dialogue box.

Save changes and continue with the Course Builder steps.
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