How-To: Replay a Completed Course

One of the most frequent questions we receive from EMS and fire personnel that use the CentreLearn Training System is, “How do I re-watch or replay a course that I’ve already earned the continuing education certificate for?”
Note: follow these instructions to re-watch the video of CentreLearn course that is in progress. 
Replay a Course

To Replay a Course that has been completed (certificate has been earned):
1. Log into the CentreLearn Training System.
2. Click on Records.

3. Click on the blue Replay Course button for the course you wish to replay.

Additional details about “Replay Course”:

  • Replay is only available for Courses. Activities do not have components to view or replay.
  • To ensure test integrity, personnel can review all non-quiz course components. If a course, like a protocol test, only has quiz components, replay is not available.
  • For MP4 and YouTube video course components, the Prompt for Still Watching dialogue boxes have been removed and the viewer will be able to navigate freely.
  • Once a CentreLearn course published with Articulate Presenter has been completed, the movie navigation is restricted. This is an Articulate SCORM setting that cannot be changed by CentreLearn.
  • Personnel will be able to replay a completed course even if the course is inactive.
  • If personnel belong to multiple organizations, they will be able to replay ALL completed courses from their records area regardless of which organization they are accessing their records in.

If you have questions about replaying a course or other features of the CentreLearn Training System, contact us.

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