How-To: Watch an In-Progress CentreLearn Training System Course Again

The CentreLearn Training System allows EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters to re-watch a CE or Training Course that they have not completed.
For example, CentreLearn courses for EMTs and paramedics include a quiz. If personnel fail the quiz, they cannot earn the CECBEMS CE certificate. They may choose to immediately make another quiz attempt. Alternatively, they can re-watch the course before taking the quiz again.
For a course that has not been completed, personnel can click on the red ‘x‘ by the ‘Resume Course’ button. This allows personnel to watch the course lecture again before making another quiz attempt.

Completed courses can be replayed from Records tab. Then select the course to replay; click Replay Course.

If you have questions about re-watching a course or other features of the CentreLearn Training System, contact us.

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