How-To: Add an Issued Date to a Credential

If a credential held by an EMT, paramedic, or firefighter in an organization’s CentreLearn Training System has an expiration date, it also needs an issued date.
Administrators can add an issued date to existing credentials using a batch utility update; contact us for instructions on how-to, as well as assistance with using Batch Utilities to update existing credentials.
Alternatively, personnel are required to add an issued date to credentials at their next log in before they can complete any training.
Add an Issued Date to a Credential
1. Log into the CentreLearn Training System.
2. If a Credential needs to be updated, the Resolve Now image, shown below, will appear.

3. Click on Resolve Now.
4. Edit the credential that has a missing Issued Date by clicking on the edit pencil.

5. A blank Issued Date field is available in the edit credential dialogue box.

6. Type the Issued Date for the credential into the dialogue box or use the calendar date finder.

7. Click on Save Changes to finish the Credential update.
8. Confirm the change and continue training.

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More Information: Adding an Issued Date to Credentials
Most EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters carry multiple credentials that have expiration dates, but the credential expiration dates are not the same. For example, a paramedic in Florida has an NREMT credential that expires on March 31 and a Florida (State) credential that expires on December 1.
By adding an Issued Date to both credentials, the courses completed for the NREMT Training Plan can be applied to the Florida credential, even after the registrations for the NREMT Training Plan are archived.

  • Any Credential that has an expiration date (i.e. State and NREMT credentials) is required to have an issued date.
  • A required Issued Date field has been added to the Built-In Credentials that have an expiration date, which are EMS State Certification/License and National Registry of EMTs.
  • Any custom Credentials that you have made for your organization that have an expiration date will be required to have an issued date added.
  • New Credentials, created by you for your personnel, can have an issued date without an expiration date.

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