How-To: Create and Interact with Training Plans

Training plans are how you require that personnel with a specific credential complete recurring assignments. Personnel with your selected credential have courses and/or hours in specific categories assigned to them. Due dates are automatically set to each user’s credential expiration. To reoffer the training plan for a new cycle, update the user’s issue and expiration date of the credential and archive their registrations.
Create the Training Plan
Under Training Manager, access Training Plans from the left menu.
Click the orange +Create Training Plan button.
Select your credential type. For your state certification licenses, select EMS State Certification/License. If you want to build a training plan for a custom credential and it is not listed, Go to Training Manager then to Credentials on the left menu and select the credential in question. Select Display in Training Plans.
Click the orange Next button.
Create a descriptive title and applicable information (i.e. state, level). Optionally set your Warning Threshold for when users should start to be warned that their training plan is in danger of not being completed on time.
Click the orange Next button.
Add Assignments to the Training Plan
Assignments are how you task, or make available, courses to personnel with the credential specified to the training plan. With a Training Plan, you can +Assign Specific Course, +Assign Credit Hours, or +Assign Additional Hours. Most organizations entitle their assignments with the requirement name (i.e. Special Considerations or Trauma).
+Assign Specific Course
Click on the +Assign Specific Course button to add a required course or courses to the Training Plan. Give the assignment a title and add the required courses. Click Save Changes. The course or courses must be completed by the credential expiration date. +Assign specific course is well suited when a training plan requires completion of a specific course. For example, paramedics in Florida are required to complete a course on HIV/AIDS during each recertification cycle.
+Assign Credit Hours
This is for assigning hours in a specific category or topic. For example, with this assignment type, you can assign your paramedics four hours of continuing education from the category NREMT – Obstetrics and Pediatrics. You also need to assign the catalogs you want to pull courses from. For example, if you pick the category NREMT – Obstetrics and Pediatrics and the catalog CentreLearn ALS catalog, it will show users courses that are in the ALS catalog that have the NREMT – Obstetrics and Pediatrics category assigned to them.
+Assign Additional Hours
After specific courses and credit hour requirements from other categories have been completed, many personnel also have a credential recertification requirement for elective or miscellaneous continuing education. For example, a state paramedic license may require 8 hours of “elective” topics that can come from any EMS category. These hours, which are part of the assigned Additional Hours, may only be completed after the category that the course would originally flow to have been completed. For example, a user has all their trauma requirement hours met and they took another trauma course. This course would go towards the Additional Hours requirement. To ensure that only applicable categories apply towards this requirement, you may also optionally select any course categories that may be used towards this requirement.
How to Find a User’s Training Plan Progress
There are several ways to view your personnel’s progress in training plans. The first way is through Reports and the second is through Personnel.
Through Reports: This is useful for viewing in-depth, specific information about personnel, both individually and throughout an organization.
Under Training Manager, access Reports from the left menu. Choose one of the following reports:
Training Plan Completions – this report displays which course completion was applied toward each assignment -such as Spinal Injuries (ALS) was applied toward a Trauma assignment. This report also shows how many credits each assignment is worth and the date completed (start date can be seen on the Excel export). This report is available for individuals.
Training Plan Status – this report displays whether a training plan is in progress, not started, or completed. It will also show the percentage complete – such as a user for the Operations objective is 50% complete.
Through Personnel: This is useful for viewing a broad overview of a user’s progress in their training plan.
Under Training Manager, access Personnel from the left menu. Click Edit next to the desired individual and go to their Training Plans tab. From here you can see which training plan they have assigned and their progress in each of the training plan assignments.
Other Important Notes About Training Plans:
• Courses that are completed within a user’s credential issue and expiration date may be applied to a training plan
• Courses may only be applied once to a training plan
• Completed courses are applied to training plan requirements alphabetically and according to date earned. For example, if a course may be applied toward the Airway assignment or in Trauma assignment, the system will apply it to Airway first.
• Specific Course assignments will be filled first, followed by assigned Credit Hours, then Additional Hours.

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