How-To: Add a SlideShare Component

Adding Content to SlideShare
1. Browse to (
2. Click on Signup (if you already have an account, click Login, and go to step 4)
3. Create a FREE SlideShare account (
4. Click on the orange button that says Upload to upload a file to SlideShare.
5. Click on one of the upload/create buttons and follow the on screen prompts.
6. As a file is uploading, monitor progress and add details.
7. Click on Save & Continue.
8. Share Your SlideShare darkens after the file is saved.
9.  Copy the embed code and pressing CTRL + C and paste it into your SlideShare course component of your custom course.
Please note, if you choose PrivateStatus for your content in SlideShare, you will need to go to Advanced Settings to edit your embed settings so that embeds are allowed.
 Uploading SlideShare Presentation to CentreLearn
10. Log into CentreLearn.
11. Under Training Manager, access Course Builder from the left menu.
12. Click Edit next to the course to which you want to add the SlideShare component.
13. Click Add Course Component.
14. Select SlideShare Presentation and then click Select Type.
15.  Add a Title and paste into the SlideShare Embed Code section the text you copied from step 10.
16. Go to the beginning of the embed code. You will need to add http:// to an embed code and delete everything else. If the SlideShare is set to private, the https:// is already there.
17. Keep only the first URL (highlighted) in the embed code location.
18.  Click Save Changes.
19.  Verify that the presentation is viewable.
20.  Continue to build your course. Select Save Course or Save and Exit to save your changes.

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