How-To: Add a Single New User to the CentreLearn Training System

New personnel (also known as users) can be added to your organization’s CentreLearn Training System in several ways. This post shows the steps to Add a New User.
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Add a New User Account
To add a new user account:
1. Log into the CentreLearn Training System
2. Click on the Training Manager navigation tab
3. Click on Users from the left navigation
4. Click on the +New User button in the upper right

5. Complete the profile information for the new user (fields with an ‘*’ are required)

6. Assign the new user to Groups to which they belong
7. Select the Roles, if any, the user has in your organization (all new personnel added to the CentreLearn Training System are created as users with no roles)

View this short video on adding a New User.

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