How-To: Preview and Search for Courses

How-To: Preview and Search for Courses
The CentreLearn Training System gives administrators and training officers the ability to search and preview courses to find the ones you need.
Under Training Manager, access Preview Courses from the left menu.
Through All Courses and using the search area, you can type a topic or category that you are looking for in a course. The search function searches for your term in the course code, name, description, and course categories.
Once you find a course, you are interested in, click the Preview button next to the course. This brings you to the course description area. Click Preview Course to view the non-quiz course components.
You may click on any of the course components to view them-the first item does not need to be complete to move to view the different components.
Through Browse by Category, you can view all the courses that have a specific category. Click View Courses next to your desired category, where you then can then preview a specific course.
Key Points:

  • Preview Courses shows all active courses available to your organization
  • No quizzes or feedback will appear
  • MP4 and YouTube videos do not have restricted navigation (you can move throughout these videos)
  • Restricted navigation is a part of the Articulate or SCORM wrapped packages for our lectures. The restricted format is set when they are published outside of the CentreLearn Training System so it is still present in the Preview Courses area
  • Any progress made while reviewing course components does not count towards official completion of the course or course components
  • Personnel can view the description/objectives of a course from their Home screen by clicking More Info
  • Anyone can view our course catalogs that include course descriptions and objectives here

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