How-To: Improve Computer Hardware Performance for Online Training

The CentreLearn Training System delivers continuing education content using web based software. To access the training system, you need to have a computer with internet access. High-speed internet access is ideal, but we have many users that successfully complete the training programs with a dial-up connection.
Occasionally, users of the CentreLearn Training System will express frustration that their old computer hardware makes it difficult for them to use the training programs, and buying a new computer is not an option. Here are a few ideas to overcome this problem:
1. Use computers at your station or agency that have internet access. Make sure to follow existing internet usage policies and make sure you have permission to use the computer. Most agencies will be very supportive of members using station computers for continuing education.
2. Ask for assistance from a mutual aid partner. Many agencies train and respond to incidents with neighboring agencies. Those same agencies can also share training resources, like computer hardware and internet access.
3. Visit your local library. Most libraries have computers with internet access for use by the public. Since our course can usually be completed in less than an hour and you can resume where you left off, library limitations on usage to thirty or sixty-minute sessions should not prevent you from completing lessons. Remember to log out fully of CentreLearn whenever using a public computer.
4. “New” to you. Consider buying used or refurbished computer equipment. You might be able to make a significant upgrade at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new computer.
5. Keep your computer up to date. Running the latest version of your internet browser, along with the latest updates for the software you have installed can help your computer work more efficiently. In addition, issues can occur if your computer’s software is not kept up to date.
In order to update your Operating System please see below:
If you have a Windows Computer – you can make sure that your computer’s software is up to date by going to and following all on screen instructions:
If you have an Apple Computer – You can click on the blue apple in the upper left corner of your screen and select Software update from the apple menu.
If your agency uses an electronic PCR on a tablet or laptop computer, that same device could probably be used for accessing CentreLearn. Talk to your network administrator and/or IT department about adding a desktop shortcut to log into CentreLearn.

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