How-To: Re-offer Courses to Personnel

At times, administrators may wish to reoffer specific courses or make all courses available for retaking to an individual or a group. Please see the directions below on how to re-offer individual courses and archiving registrations, with descriptions included for choosing the best option.

OPTION 1 – Re-offering Specific Courses

A good example of when individual courses are re-offered, rather than archiving all courses, is for annual training for courses like Bloodborne Pathogens. By simply adding a start date to your assignment, the system will re-offer a fresh course to be completed within your allotted time.

Go to Training Manager and access Assignments from the left menu.

Click Assign Specific Course or Assign Credit Hours

Enter your title, start, due and expiration dates, the required course(s) or categories, who needs to complete the assignment, and set your notification settings. The start date is required in this, as the assignment will reoffer the course for retaking if the individual has not taken the assignment from the start date to the expiration date.

Once everything is filled out, click Save Changes.

OPTION 2 – Archiving All Registrations

Resetting all courses, done through Archive Registrations, is typically done once a new recertification cycle has begun or when your department resets all their training and needs access to previously completed courses. All course completions will still be visible in reports and Records, and any In Progress courses will be reset to Not Started. Reports on completed assignments will not be affected, however in progress assignments may change for some users.

a. For Individuals

Go to Training Manager and access Personnel from the left menu.

Click Edit next to the user and go to the Courses tab.

Click the red Archive Registrations button.


b. For Groups

Go to Training Manager and access Groups from the left menu.

Click Editnext to the group that you wish to archive their registrations.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Archive Registrations button.