How-To: Add a YouTube Video to a Custom Course

Have you found a great YouTube video that you wish to have your members watch? YouTube videos may be added to your custom courses with our Course Builder. With our YouTube course builder component, you also will ensure that they watch the entire video before moving on through the course. To add a YouTube video to your custom course, follow the directions below.

Under Training Manager, access Course Builder from the left menu

Click Edit next to the course you want to add the YouTube component

Click Add Course Component.


Select YouTube Video – Display any YouTube video that is public or unlisted, and ensure users watch it to completion then click Select Type.


Add a title, select a label, select how many prompts for still watching during the video you wanted displayed and add the YouTube URL (….). Once done, click Save Changes. Please note, if your video is set to Private, your personnel will not be able to watch your video.