How-To: Record Hands-On Training, Drills, Simulations, Seminars, etc.

Instructor-Led Activities let the training officer or administrator track completion of hands-on training or classroom instruction, online courses watched together as a group, or videos viewed as a group from our library of expertly-selected best-of-the-web content.

All Activities show as instructor-led in a user’s Records tab.

Under Training Manager, access Activities from the left menu

Click the +Record Other Training button


Add the details to the required fields. Non-highlighted fields are optional. If you wish for this activity to count towards a training plan, make sure that a category is listed. You also have the option to attach documents to this activity. It is important to remember with this that all attachments will show for all personnel selected for the activity record. Click Save Changes to add the record to the selected users’ Records.


For information on deleting or editing activities, please visit our support page on Editing and Deleting Activity Records.