CentreLearn and TargetSolutions: Moving Forward Together

Posted by Paul Heresa on Nov 13, 2014 under Announcements and News



CentreLearn has been acquired by VectorLearning, a leader in online education for a broad range of industries, including public safety through its TargetSolutions brand.

As a result of this transaction, CentreLearn has merged with TargetSolutions, which is a California-based company with more than 14 years of experience delivering online training and recordkeeping software applications. Today, more than 2,000 organizations, including fire and EMS departments, law enforcement entities, risk pools, cities and municipalities, and public works agencies, use TargetSolutions to manage training.

Customers of CentreLearn will experience no immediate impact by this merger with TargetSolutions.

Your organization can expect to receive the same level of outstanding service and web-based training technology as it always has with CentreLearn. You can continue to use CentreLearn to schedule, deliver and track training and compliance tasks.

VectorLearning is still determining its integration plans and is excited about the potential of offering TargetSolutions’ courses to CentreLearn’s clients, as well as CentreLearn’s courses to TargetSolutions’ clients, at some point.

“VectorLearning shares our same level of commitment to online education, and most importantly, to the heroes who serve us all through public safety. We chose to join together with VectorLearning because it has the same vision as we do – and that is to deliver the very best training courses and applications so emergency responders remain safe, compliant and effective while serving our communities. By merging with TargetSolutions we will be even stronger than before. We’re excited to add our experiences and expertise to the team and begin our journey together.”

CentreLearn CEO Jason Paluck

If you have questions about this merger, please contact us at (877) 435-9309.

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Training System Updates Benefit Training Managers and Personnel

Posted by Greg Friese on Oct 10, 2014 under Announcements and News

At CentreLearn we are always looking for ways to improve the online training experience. We have recently made some updates to the Training System which will streamline some processes, consolidate information, and make assigning and approving training more efficient.

Here is a brief overview of the recent updates:

The home screen dashboard is now organized by assignment status. This makes it easy to see what assignments are overdue (red), in process (white), or complete (green). Personnel can easily replay courses and see progress within training plans at a glance.


Personnel can enter their own training records (external CE) for approval by the Administrator, Group Admin, or as a user with permission to Manage Activities. For training completed independently, personnel can enter all of the training details including an attachment of the certificate PDF, scan of a card, or course syllabus.


Note: Adding Activity Records is Enabled by default. This feature can be disabled in organization Settings.

The updated Training Manager Dashboard allows administrators to review the status of training plans and personnel’s completion at a glance.


Notify personnel of new assignments and automatically send email updates when assignments are updated. Send custom warning emails when completion deadlines are approaching.


Course Builder navigation has moved into the Training Manager Tab. Functionality of the Course Builder remains the same.


Training Plans creation and editing now has its own screen within the Training Manager.


1-Click Reports can now display numbered credentials when the reports are exported, allowing for easy import into other systems.


The updates also included improved user experience in older versions of Internet Explorer (IE), but we still recommend using modern, up-to-date browsers.

Learn more about these updates and watch a video tour.

Register for upcoming Admin Training.

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to contact us any time. Customer Support is unlimited and included with the Training System.

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Train Better Memo – Courses: September 2014

Posted by Greg Friese on Sep 18, 2014 under Announcements and News

Links in this Courses Edition of the Train Better Memo:

Pediatric courses offered by CentreLearn.

Top Ranked Pediatric and Obstetric Courses Available from CentreLearn
Pediatric Continuing Education: 3 Recently Released Courses
Pediatric Continuing Education: 3 Upcoming Courses
NAEMT Emergency Pediatric Care Hybrid E-learning Course

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Top 5 Tips for a Successful NAEMSE Symposium

Posted by Melissa Mancuso on Sep 2, 2014 under Announcements and News


We put together our Top 5 Tips to get the most out of the NAEMSE Symposium. Whether it is your first or 19th Symposium, everyone can benefit from these tried and true tips! Here’s to a successful conference!

1. Start connecting with other NAEMSE attendees now to plan social activities and events.There is fun and safety in numbers!

2. Ask people you meet open-ended questions to learn as much as possible.

  • What is your biggest challenge as the new school year begins?
  • What is an app or resource that your students are finding essential?
  • What is working well to make sure your students get the most from clinical/field time?

3. Stay awake and attentive.

  • Pack some water and healthy snacks in your bag to maintain a good blood sugar level. Buy some fresh fruit for a healthy late night or early morning snack.
  • Stow your phone, turn off alerts, beeps, bells, whistles, and noises. These are a distraction to you and others, and make you lose focus on what is being discussed. Be present and interact with other EMS professionals in person.

4. Escape the casino for fresh air and exercise!

  • When you exercise the body, you exercise the brain. Physical exercise can increase your ability to process and recall information.
  • Reno has many trails and outdoor activities to enjoy with average temperatures in the upper 70s.

5. Wear comfortable shoes and travel light.

  • You will want happy feet for exploring the exhibit hall and local attractions. Leave the dress shoes at home and be comfortable! Your body will thank you.
  • Traveling light will help reduce having to pay for excess baggage and the hassle of lugging around items you don’t use. Take only what you really need. Learn to lighten your load.

What are your tips? Please share them with us! 

Stop by NAEMSE booth #303 and tell Greg how you are benefiting from these tips. He is looking forward to discussing best practices for online training, his favorite resources for building courses, and the opportunities to use technology in education.


2 Bonus Tips on Educator Methodology

Bonus tip #1 – Deliver powerful presentations to make course material memorable, actionable, and sharable.

  • Try techniques such as story-boarding, clustering, filtering, and visualizing.
  • Use “story” form of delivery to promote an emotional connection with students.

Bonus tip #2 – Don’t lose your cool when dealing with problem students.

  • Apply differing instructional and disciplinary approaches based on an assessment of the students’ difficult behaviors.
  • Target and eliminate difficult behaviors in the classroom.

CentreLearn has several Educator Methodology courses available for CE credit. Review the list and start your courses today either through the CentreLearn Training System or RapidCE.


Train Better. Spend Less. CentreLearn.

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Pediatric Continuing Education: 3 Recently Released Courses

Posted by Melissa Mancuso on Aug 31, 2014 under Announcements and News

CentreLearn offers many emergency pediatric care continuing education courses for both ALS and BLS providers. These online courses focus on topics such as: pediatric patient assessment, pediatric airway management, pediatric fever, pediatric cardiac emergencies, and pre-hospital pediatric resuscitation. More pediatric courses are currently in production and will be available in the CentreLearn Training System and on RapidCE.com within the coming months.

The three most recently released pediatric courses are:

All CentreLearn courses are written and designed by experienced field providers that are also expert educators and parents. Courses are reviewed by a board certified emergency physician, CECBEMS accredited, and where applicable, state approved for EMT and paramedic continuing education.

Hundreds of CE Courses from CentreLearn

The CentreLearn Training System always includes the entire EMS and Fire course catalogs. Begin training online immediately with hundreds of hours of accredited online training videos for EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters.

Hundreds of Additional Courses from our Content Partners

CentreLearn partners with 24-7 EMS, 24-7 Fire, Medrills, Emergency Film Group, HIPAA TV Online, and Physio-Control to offer hundreds of additional courses to fulfill EMT, paramedic, firefighter, fire inspector, and fire officer training requirements. Visit the CentreLearn courses page to learn more about CentreLearn’s content partners.

Accessing CentreLearn Pediatric Courses

Training officers can either assign courses to their personnel or provide them access to the EMS and Fire course catalogs so they may complete pediatric and obstetric courses on their own schedule via the CentreLearn Training System. Individuals can access all CentreLearn CECBEMS-accredited EMS courses and dozens of other courses on fire suppression topics through RapidCE.com.


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5 Methods to Pay for Online Training

Posted by Melissa Mancuso on Aug 25, 2014 under Announcements and News

Methods to pay for online training

Online training is a new delivery method for many fire departments and EMS agencies. In addition, most agencies, regardless of their service deployment model, continue to feel the financial squeeze from the recession and reluctant public funding for emergency services. Since online training is often a new line item or expense, we are frequently asked these two questions:

  1. How do I explain the benefits of online training to my department’s decision makers?
  2. How do other organizations pay for the CentreLearn Training System?

This post will focus on the latter question and the variety of methods used by organizations of all sizes to reap the benefits of online training.


Long-Term Budgeting

For many departments, a demonstration and exploration of the CentreLearn Training System is an early step in a one- or two-year budgeting process. At any point, our sales representatives can provide a cost proposal or quote to a training officer who is in the midst of budget planning. We know that budgeting for a new training expense may take some time.

Departments often come to us after several years of exploring online training options and securing budget approval. If you are ready to purchase, we can quickly set-up your CentreLearn Training System and have your personnel training online in a few days.


Discretionary Training Funds

Larger fire departments and EMS agencies may have discretionary funds for training that can be used for classroom sessions, conference attendance, training materials and hardware, or staff development. Instead of purchasing textbooks, which quickly become dated, educators are using discretionary training funds for online training that is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.


Realize Immediate Savings

Many departments conduct face-to-face training while employees are working overtime. Shifting fully or partially to online training while on-duty helps departments realize immediate cost savings. The expense of overtime compensation savings often exceeds the CentreLearn subscription cost. In addition, personnel training on-duty and online remain in their service area available for calls, reduce wear and tear on vehicles traveling to a central training academy, and have tools and equipment at hand for immediate hands-on training. Remember, online training with the Watch Course as a Group feature and Virtual Meetings can be completed by a company of firefighters in the same station or EMS crews distributed throughout the service area.

Another method to realize immediate cost savings from online training is to replace existing training methods, such as those the department uses for annual regulatory or compliance training, with an online training plan. For example, many departments conduct expensive face-to-face bloodborne pathogens and respiratory protection training every year. In-person lecturing is an expensive and inefficient educational methodology. Online courses let personnel learn and review materials at their own pace and in between calls. Save the face-to-face training for more valuable and higher impact training, like hands-on practice, competency verification, and high-fidelity simulation.


Grant Funding

Local and regional organizations, especially those with an interest in specific patient groups or community capabilities, may assist a fire department or EMS agency in purchasing access to online training. The Women’s Fund of Portage County (Wisconsin) initially collaborated with local EMS agencies to ensure equipment readiness for pediatric emergencies. Next, the Women’s Fund provided a grant for face-to-face and online training to prepare first responders, EMTs, and paramedics for pediatric emergencies.

Connect with and form relationships with your local community foundation, hospital foundation, and other civic organizations. Events, equipment, and education that prepare your organization to prevent and/or respond to geriatric falls, children with special healthcare needs, mass casualty incidents, and veterans in medical crisis are often compelling to many types of organizations.

There are organizations and resources available to fire and EMS agencies to find and secure grants. Learn about some of those organizations.


Online CE for Individuals

For some organizations, current certification is a job requirement and there is no in-house training. Fire and EMS personnel in those organizations often purchase CentreLearn courses through RapidCE.com or Physio-control University.


How does your organization fund online training? Share your tips and resources with other training officers in the comments.


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Train Better Memo – Courses: August 2014

Posted by Melissa Mancuso on Aug 23, 2014 under Announcements and News, Courses and Activities


Links in this Courses Edition of the Train Better Memo:

Preventing the Spread of Contagious Disease
Read more about the outbreak on the CDC website.
Preview CentreLearn courses

Top Courses in July
Read our blog post about the top 3 CentreLearn courses in July
Follow our twitter and facebook pages for the top courses of the week.
Check our blog regularly for new course announcements. Even more courses for pediatric continuing education will be added soon!

Customer Success Story Using the Course Builder
Read this customer success article to see how Mid Georgia Ambulance is already benefiting.

Upcoming How-To Instruction for Admins and Training Officers
Learn more at one of these upcoming Admin training sessions:

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NAEMT Emergency Pediatric Care Hybrid Elearning Course

Posted by Greg Friese on Aug 21, 2014 under Announcements and News

One of the questions I receive most frequently from EMS personnel and training officers is “where can I find more pediatric related CE, especially online?

CentreLearn hosts the National Association of EMTs Emergency Pediatric Care (NAEMT EPC) hybrid course which combines 8 hours of online training with 8 hours of classroom training. According to the NAEMT “This modular course format can fulfill the pediatric clinical and educational needs of an EMS agency while minimizing budgetary and logistical impacts.”

More about EPC from NAEMT: “Course lectures and interactive sessions address assessment; airway, breathing and circulation; understanding and caring for children; hypoperfusion and shock; cardiac emergencies and congenital cardiac defects, common medical emergencies, trauma, newborn resuscitation, vascular access, care team management, spinal motion restriction, children with special health-care needs, identification of life threats, scene choreography, transport decisions, and child abuse and neglect.”

Read more about the EPC course at the NAEMT website and learn how to schedule a course with an NAEMT EPC instructor.



You can also learn more about the Emergency Pediatric Care course and the importance of specialized pediatric training from NAEMT EPC committee chair Chris Cebollero in Episode 55 of the EMSEduCast Podcast.

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In the Field: National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) Symposium 2014

Posted by Melissa Mancuso on Aug 20, 2014 under Announcements and News

EMS Educators Gather at NAEMSE Symposium, Learn the Benefits of Online Learning with CentreLearn

EMS departments of all sizes use online learning for continuing education to benefit both the department and personnel.

NAEMSE 2014 logo


CentreLearn Solutions, LLC, the leading provider of online continuing education for EMS and Fire Rescue personnel, discusses the benefits of online learning at the National Association of EMS educators (NAEMSE) Symposium booth 303 in Reno, NV, September 16-21 at the Peppermill Resort Hotel and Spa.

EMS educators from around the world gather at the NAEMSE Symposium once a year, network with other educators to hone their teaching skills, learn new techniques and best practices, and take everything they learned back to their classrooms and students. The Symposium provides an opportunity for EMS educators to learn new instructional strategies, classroom management techniques, and gain exposure to new technologies.

Online learning is still relatively new to the EMS industry, but the CentreLearn Training System makes it easy to implement an online continuing education training program for EMS departments of all sizes. Individuals, instructors, and newly certified paramedics can also earn CE credits through RapidCE, which is powered by CentreLearn. EMS departments and professionals benefit from online learning by reducing operating costs and providing access to consistent training materials anywhere there is an internet connection. When partnered with hands-on training, online courses help reinforce the concepts presented and test material retention, preparing the student for real-life situations.

Greg Friese, MS, NRP said, “As an EMS Educator and Paramedic, I have personally benefited from online learning in many ways. The information delivered is consistent for all students, the student can learn at their own pace and review the content at any time, and students do not need to travel to a training center, which reduces the wear and tear on vehicles and saves on gas.”

The CentreLearn Training System can be used to keep track of all training activities including hands-on, instructor-led, and online self-paced courses. Almost 300 EMS and Fire courses are included with the Training System, making it easy for Training Managers to assign CE courses that meet their state’s recertification requirements to their personnel. The CentreLearn Educator Methodology catalog features four presentations by NAEMSE presenter, paramedic, and educator Rom Duckworth. These CECBEMS-approved courses help educators meet instructor/coordinator recertification requirements.

Friese added, “I am looking forward to discussing the benefits for your organization in more detail in person. If you are not attending the NAEMSE Symposium this year, please contact us to discuss your online training needs or how to enroll in the Educator Methodology catalog.” Learn how your department and personnel can benefit from online training and continuing education with the CentreLearn Training System or RapidCE at NAEMSE booth 303.


About the NAEMSE Symposium

The mission of The National Association of EMS educators is to inspire and promote excellence in EMS education and lifelong learning within the global community. The Annual Symposium is an event that is held each year in different cities around the country. It is an opportunity for EMS educators to come together and network with other EMS educators. The symposium consists of educational pre-conferences and general/break-out sessions that are designed to help the educator better hone their teaching skills and take those new ideas back with them to the classroom. It also gives attendees the chance to visit the Exhibit Hall where EMS exhibitors will give attendees one-of-a-kind face to face time and information regarding their respective products. Visit Symposium to find out more information.


About CentreLearn Solutions

Training Just Got Easier­™

The CentreLearn Training System is the fastest and easiest way to start your online training program. As pioneers in online education, CentreLearn has changed the way more than 250,000 emergency service personnel learn over the Internet and maintain their professional training and certification. The team of in-house instructional designers, educators, and technical experts has partnered with EMS, fire service, public health organizations, and more to make online education, course building, tracking, and reporting easier than ever. CentreLearn provides high quality, accredited multimedia training programs that save money and time for fire departments, emergency services organizations, state health departments, and their personnel. CentreLearn’s Customer Support Team works closely with clients every step of the way to ensure they succeed with online training. For more information about CentreLearn Solutions, or to schedule a demo, visit CentreLearn.com.


Train Better. Spend Less. CentreLearn.

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