When To Use a Start Date In an Assignment | CentreLearn Support

Posted by Rich Miron on Apr 7, 2015 under Support

Harness the power of an assignment start date to ensure your training is completed when you want it and how you want it.

Entering a start date will reoffer courses requiring a user to complete the assigned courses within a specified time, regardless if they took the course previously. Without a start date, any completion since the user’s last archival of registrations will count towards completion of that assignment.

CL-Blog_Start Date

Bob’s courses were last archived in December 2013. He took Bloodborne Pathogens on 1/15/2014.

If an assignment has no start date and a due/expiration date of 3/30/2015, the Bloodborne Pathogens course that he took 1/15/2014 will count towards completing this assignment.

If an assignment has a start date of 3/1/2015 and a Due/Expiration date of 3/30/2015, the assignment will make Bob take the course again within that date range.