How to View User Quiz Results | CentreLearn Support

Posted by Rich Miron on Mar 12, 2015 under Support

Viewing quiz records, scores, and completion records is simple for CentreLearn’s platform managers. CentreLearn’s Training System offers the tools to manage quiz results. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain user quiz results.

Under Training Manager, access Personnel from the left menu

Click Edit next to the user you want to view their quiz results

Click on the Records tab



All courses will display on this tab, including activities.

Click View Quiz Results next to the desired quiz. Only the last quiz attempt results will display.

If you see the following message:



This may be because:

  • It is an activity records
  • It is a course with no quiz
  • The completion record was transitioned from CentreLearn Classic to the CentreLearn Training System

If there are multiple quizzes in a course, they will display in order from first to last.