How to View Incomplete Courses in an Assignment | CentreLearn Support

Posted by Rich Miron on Mar 12, 2015 under Support

If you want to make sure personnel are completing assignments on time, CentreLearn has you covered. With CentreLearn’s Training System, organizations can view which employees have outstanding incomplete assignments. This support blog covers the step-by-step process for reviewing Incomplete Courses within an assignment.

Under Training Manager, access Reports from the left menu

Click Report next to Incomplete Assigned Courses

Either select a single assignment or leave it blank to display all active assignments. Only Assign Specific Course assignments will be available to select. Select any other optional criteria.



Click View Report. This is what the on-screen results look like.



When exported to email, the assignment name, username, email address, and missing courses are listed in columns. The missing courses display in one column with each course separated by a comma.