How to Create a Course Survey | CentreLearn Support

Posted by Rich Miron on Mar 12, 2015 under Support

Training managers can create course surveys with CentreLearn’s course component feature within the Course Builder application. Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of this capability and create course surveys.

Under Training Manager, access Course Builder from the left menu

Click Edit next to the course to which you want to add a survey

Click Add Course Component



Select Survey – Build a custom survey then click Select Type.



Enter a title, optionally update the label for your survey, and then click Next.



Select a Question Type for your first survey question. All responses are editable and you are able to add/delete choices.

Multiple Choice enter a question and multiple responses for users to select

True or False enter a question, the responses True and False are preset

Free Text enter a question, users are given 900 characters to respond. Answer can optionally be set to require a response

Likert (Agree-Disagree) enter a question, the response choices Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree are preset

Likert (Excellent-Poor) enter a question, the response choices Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor are preset

Likert (Useful-Not Useful) enter a question, the response choices Very Useful, Useful, Somewhat Useful, Not Useful, and No Option are preset

Likert (High-Low) enter a question, the response choices Very High, High, Moderate, Low, and Very Low are preset

Once your question and response(s) are input, click Create Question



This returns you to the Manage Survey Questions screen.



To add another question – select the question type

To preview a question ¬– click the blue Play button to the right of the question

To edit a question – click the blue Edit button to the right of the question; use this if you would also like to inactivate the question.

Once you have input all your questions, click Finish.

This takes you to the Review Survey screen.


To go back and edit your survey questions, click Manage Questions.

Once you have completed the survey, click Save Survey.


How to view survey results:

Under Training Manager, access Reports from the left menu.

Select Report next to Survey Responses.

Select your report criteria and click View Report.

Click Export to Email to view additional survey result information.