How to Archive Courses with CentreLearn’s Training Management System

Posted by Rich Miron on Jan 12, 2015 under Support

CentreLearn has now given you the ability to archive your organization’s courses! Read our FAQ’s and step by guide so your training staff can take advantage of this tool.

Why should I archive registrations (courses)?
Archiving will reset a user’s completion status, making the course available to take again. In order to make a course available again, it must be archived.

How does it affect certificates, courses, reports, assignments and training plans?

• Certificates and records are not affected or deleted.
• Courses in progress are reset to the “Not Started” status.
• Reports on completed assignments will not be affected.
• Courses available in assignments may change for a user. A previously completed course will become available again.
• In order to create training plans for a new certification cycle, courses must be archived so they can be reoffered.

When should archiving occur?
Some organizations archive all their courses at the beginning of the year – a brand new year, a brand new slate of courses. Others archive courses for new recertification cycles or based on their annual training schedules.

Who can archive courses?
Administrators and those with the ability to “Manage Users” may archive courses.

How do I archive courses for my personnel?
To archive an individual’s courses, go to Training Manager and select Personnel from the left menu. Click Edit next to the individual’s profile and go to the Courses tab. Click the red Archive Registrations button.



For an entire group, go to Training Manager and select Groups from the left menu. Click Edit next to the group you wish to have their registrations archived. At the bottom of the page, click the red Archive Registrations button.