Training System Updates Benefit Training Managers and Personnel

Posted by Greg Friese on Oct 10, 2014 under Announcements and News

At CentreLearn we are always looking for ways to improve the online training experience. We have recently made some updates to the Training System which will streamline some processes, consolidate information, and make assigning and approving training more efficient.

Here is a brief overview of the recent updates:

The home screen dashboard is now organized by assignment status. This makes it easy to see what assignments are overdue (red), in process (white), or complete (green). Personnel can easily replay courses and see progress within training plans at a glance.


Personnel can enter their own training records (external CE) for approval by the Administrator, Group Admin, or as a user with permission to Manage Activities. For training completed independently, personnel can enter all of the training details including an attachment of the certificate PDF, scan of a card, or course syllabus.


Note: Adding Activity Records is Enabled by default. This feature can be disabled in organization Settings.

The updated Training Manager Dashboard allows administrators to review the status of training plans and personnel’s completion at a glance.


Notify personnel of new assignments and automatically send email updates when assignments are updated. Send custom warning emails when completion deadlines are approaching.


Course Builder navigation has moved into the Training Manager Tab. Functionality of the Course Builder remains the same.


Training Plans creation and editing now has its own screen within the Training Manager.


1-Click Reports can now display numbered credentials when the reports are exported, allowing for easy import into other systems.


The updates also included improved user experience in older versions of Internet Explorer (IE), but we still recommend using modern, up-to-date browsers.

Learn more about these updates and watch a video tour.

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If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to contact us any time. Customer Support is unlimited and included with the Training System.

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