Top Ranked Pediatric and Obstetric Courses Available from CentreLearn

Posted by Melissa Mancuso on Sep 4, 2014 under Courses and Activities

The CentreLearn Training System is available 24/7 for EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters from around the world that need to complete training assignments to maintain their certification. One of the most important and sought after course categories is pediatrics and obstetrics. CentreLearn and its content partners offer dozens of pediatric and obstetric courses to ensure your personnel have the training they need when they need it.

Since January 1, 2014, EMTs and paramedics have earned CE certificates from this list of courses, ranked by order of total certificates earned:


  1. Pediatric Patient Assessment: Part 1 (BLS)
  2. Pediatric Patient Assessment: Part 1 (ALS)
  3. Pediatric Patient Assessment: Part 2 (ALS)
  4. Pediatric Patient Assessment: Part 2 (BLS)
  5. Fetal Trauma from Motor Vehicle Collisions (BLS)
  6. Emergency Childbirth (BLS)
  7. Emergency Childbirth (ALS)
  8. Child Abuse: EMS Roles & Responsibilities (BLS)
  9. Child Abuse: EMS Roles & Responsibilities (ALS)
  10. Obstetric Complications (ALS)
  11. Pediatric Fluid Resuscitation and Airway Management (ALS)
  12. Pediatric Fever (ALS)
  13. Pediatric Fever (BLS)
  14. Pediatric Fluid Resuscitation and Airway Management (BLS)
  15. Fetal Trauma from Motor Vehicle Collisions (ALS)
  16. Webinar: Pediatric Resuscitation (ALS)
  17. Pharmacology Special Considerations (ALS)
  18. Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies (ALS)
  19. Pharmacology Special Considerations (BLS)
  20. Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies (BLS)
  21. Pregnancy: Medical Emergencies 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  22. Trauma During Pregnancy 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  23. Trauma Assessment 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  24. Pediatric Trauma 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  25. Pediatric Assessment 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  26. Pediatric Emergencies: Burns 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  27. Pediatric Airway Management 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  28. SIDS & EMS 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  29. Pediatric Poisoning 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  30. Neonatal Care/Resuscitation 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  31. Pediatric Behavioral Emergencies 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  32. Obstetrics & Childbirth 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  33. Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  34. ECC Update: Pediatrics and PALS 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  35. Domestic Violence 2.0 (24-7 EMS)
  36. Obstetrics and Childbirth 2.0 (24-7 EMS)


Use the Preview Coursesfeature in the Training Manager area of the CentreLearn Training System to preview the above courses.


Build your Own Pediatric Courses

In addition to the courses from CentreLearn and our content partners, training officers are able to build their own pediatric and obstetric courses using the Course Builder. Some of the course titles created by training officers that use the CentreLearn Training System include:


  • Pediatric Toxicology Emergencies
  • Abandoned Infant
  • Pediatric Pain
  • Pediatric Environmental Emergencies
  • Pediatric Syncope
  • A Safe Haven for Newborns
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition
  • Special Patient Populations: The Pediatric Patient
  • Recommendations for Safe Transportation of Pediatric Patients


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