Pediatric Continuing Education: 3 Upcoming Courses

Posted by Melissa Mancuso on Sep 6, 2014 under Courses and Activities

In addition to the many CentreLearn pediatric and obstetric courses that are already available in the Training System and through RapidCE, even more are currently in production. These three pediatric courses are in the final stages of production and accreditation:

  • Pediatric Airway Management
  • Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Upper Airway
  • Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Lower Airway

All CentreLearn courses are written and designed by experienced field providers that are also expert educators and parents. Courses are reviewed by a board certified emergency physician, CECBEMS accredited, and where applicable, state approved for EMT and paramedic continuing education.

Course Objectives

CentreLearn course content is based on the objectives created by the educator responsible for the course. The objectives for the three upcoming pediatrics courses are:


Pediatric Airway Management

  • Describe the clinical situations that require the use of basic and advanced airway techniques.
  • Explore pediatric airway anatomy and physiology.
  • Review the appropriate use, advantages, and disadvantages of various airway devices.
  • Discuss capnography and pulse oximetry and their use in pediatric patient assessment.


Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Upper Airway

  • Identify the primary cause of pediatric cardiac arrest and the primary cause of preventable death in the pediatric patient.
  • Identify the signs and symptoms and explain the pathophysiology of respiratory distress, respiratory failure, and respiratory arrest.
  • Describe the general assessment and management of pediatric respiratory emergencies.
  • Describe and explain the assessment and treatment for several causes of pediatric upper respiratory emergencies: croup or laryngotracheobronchitis, epiglottitis or acute supraglottitis, and foreign body aspiration.


Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Lower Airway

  • Describe common medical causes of pediatric lower airway emergencies including:  asthma, respiratory syncytial virus/bronchiolitis, and pneumonia.
  • Describe uncommon medical causes of pediatric respiratory emergencies including: Guillain-Barré  syndrome, metabolic acidosis, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, acute chest syndrome of sickle cell disease, and cystic fibrosis.
  • Discuss relevant pathophysiology associated with these medical causes of pediatric respiratory distress.


Watch for announcements regarding the availability of these courses in an upcoming blog post, in the Train Better Memo, or on the CentreLearn Facebook page.


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Accessing CentreLearn Pediatric Courses

Training officers can either assign courses to their personnel or provide them access to the EMS and Fire course catalogs so they may complete pediatric and obstetric courses on their own schedule via the CentreLearn Training System. Individuals can access all CentreLearn CECBEMS-accredited EMS courses and dozens of other courses on fire suppression topics through


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