New Courses from 24-7 EMS: Acute and Chronic Renal Failure

Posted by Greg Friese on Sep 8, 2014 under Courses and Activities


CentreLearn content partner, 24-7 EMS, announces two new CECBEMS-accredited courses for EMTs and paramedics on acute and chronic renal failure. The entire 24-7 EMS catalog, including these courses, is available for a low per person per year cost. Once the 24-7 EMS catalog has been shared with your organization, courses can be assigned to personnel.

1.14.2 Renal Failure: Acute (Virginia Areas 05 and 89)
Acute renal failure (ARF) is a life-threatening condition that can develop in a matter of hours or days. Fortunately, with appropriate and rapid treatment, it is reversible. As an EMS provider, you can help to improve outcomes for patients with acute renal failure with early recognition and treatment. This program reviews the basic anatomy and function of the kidneys, what causes acute renal failure, and care to provide in a prehospital environment.

1.14.3 Renal Failure: Chronic 2.0  (Virginia Areas 05 and 89)
Chronic renal failure is a condition that affects nearly all the systems in the body. Patients with chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease can experience many different types of complications that are caused or exacerbated by renal failure. As an EMS provider, a basic understanding of chronic renal failure and its causes can help you to better recognize and provide care for these related complications. This program reviews the growing rate of renal failure incidence, how renal failure occurs, how to recognize renal failure, complications related to dialysis, other illnesses related to chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease, and care to provide in a prehospital environment.

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