How to Create a Course Survey | CentreLearn Support

Posted by Rich Miron on Mar 12, 2015 under Support

Training managers can create course surveys with CentreLearn’s course component feature within the Course Builder application. Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of this capability and create course surveys.

Under Training Manager, access Course Builder from the left menu

Click Edit next to the course to which you want to add a survey

Click Add Course Component



Select Survey – Build a custom survey then click Select Type.



Enter a title, optionally update the label for your survey, and then click Next.



Select a Question Type for your first survey question. All responses are editable and you are able to add/delete choices.

Multiple Choice enter a question and multiple responses for users to select

True or False enter a question, the responses True and False are preset

Free Text enter a question, users are given 900 characters to respond. Answer can optionally be set to require a response

Likert (Agree-Disagree) enter a question, the response choices Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree are preset

Likert (Excellent-Poor) enter a question, the response choices Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor are preset

Likert (Useful-Not Useful) enter a question, the response choices Very Useful, Useful, Somewhat Useful, Not Useful, and No Option are preset

Likert (High-Low) enter a question, the response choices Very High, High, Moderate, Low, and Very Low are preset

Once your question and response(s) are input, click Create Question



This returns you to the Manage Survey Questions screen.



To add another question – select the question type

To preview a question ¬– click the blue Play button to the right of the question

To edit a question – click the blue Edit button to the right of the question; use this if you would also like to inactivate the question.

Once you have input all your questions, click Finish.

This takes you to the Review Survey screen.


To go back and edit your survey questions, click Manage Questions.

Once you have completed the survey, click Save Survey.


How to view survey results:

Under Training Manager, access Reports from the left menu.

Select Report next to Survey Responses.

Select your report criteria and click View Report.

Click Export to Email to view additional survey result information.

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How to View User Quiz Results | CentreLearn Support

Posted by Rich Miron on Mar 12, 2015 under Support

Viewing quiz records, scores, and completion records is simple for CentreLearn’s platform managers. CentreLearn’s Training System offers the tools to manage quiz results. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain user quiz results.

Under Training Manager, access Personnel from the left menu

Click Edit next to the user you want to view their quiz results

Click on the Records tab



All courses will display on this tab, including activities.

Click View Quiz Results next to the desired quiz. Only the last quiz attempt results will display.

If you see the following message:



This may be because:

  • It is an activity records
  • It is a course with no quiz
  • The completion record was transitioned from CentreLearn Classic to the CentreLearn Training System

If there are multiple quizzes in a course, they will display in order from first to last.


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How to View Incomplete Courses in an Assignment | CentreLearn Support

Posted by Rich Miron on Mar 12, 2015 under Support

If you want to make sure personnel are completing assignments on time, CentreLearn has you covered. With CentreLearn’s Training System, organizations can view which employees have outstanding incomplete assignments. This support blog covers the step-by-step process for reviewing Incomplete Courses within an assignment.

Under Training Manager, access Reports from the left menu

Click Report next to Incomplete Assigned Courses

Either select a single assignment or leave it blank to display all active assignments. Only Assign Specific Course assignments will be available to select. Select any other optional criteria.



Click View Report. This is what the on-screen results look like.



When exported to email, the assignment name, username, email address, and missing courses are listed in columns. The missing courses display in one column with each course separated by a comma.

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How to Use CentreLearn’s Course Registration System

Posted by Rich Miron on Feb 10, 2015 under Uncategorized

Did you know you can enroll personnel in live classroom sessions through CentreLearn’s online training system?

CentreLearn’s easy-to-use Course Builder and Classroom Sessions functionality delivers an effective way for personnel to self-enroll in instructor-led training sessions and for administrators to track, manage, and record live or hybrid training.

You can use CentreLearn’s Course Builder to create courses with live attendance components. Click here to watch an overview video or follow these step-by-step instructions:


1. Create Course

Go to Training Manager then to Course Builder on the left menu. Click the +New Course button in the upper right corner.

Enter the course information and check Classroom Course in the lower left side. This must be selected at this point – it cannot be added later.


Click the orange Next Step button in the lower right side. Click the orange Add Course Component button, select Attendance Tracker, and click Select Type.


Give it a descriptive title and click Save Changes.

Click the Add Course Component button to add any other course components. Anything added after the Attendance will not be able to be viewed prior to attendance being checked as attending. Anything prior to Attendance may be viewed prior to session. Add multiple Attendance components to create a course experience that pauses for live/in person knowledge/skill checks.

Once your course has been built, click the orange Save and Exit button.


2. Create Classroom Session(s) for the Newly Created Course

Under Training Manager, access Classroom Sessions from the left menu. This is where classroom sessions are created and managed, including setting dates, times, and details for the course.

Click the orange +New Session button in the upper right side.


Choose which course you would like to schedule a session for, enter a location, choose the instructors, set the maximum number of seats, and date/time information. Once you are done, click the orange Save Changes button.


3. Create an Assignment for the Course
Go to Training Manager then access Assignments from the left menu. Select and create your assignment.

Courses with classroom sessions are like any other course and need to be assigned for your personnel to view/attend. They also can be added to your department custom catalogs. Users can only enroll for one offering of a course with Classroom Sessions.


Personnel may now Enroll in the course
Personnel click on the assignment’s orange Select Course link.

They should then click the blue Enroll button. The date of the session is also listed here.


The Home screen updates the assignment to look like this:


If there are any pre-attendance components, they are able to start the course and view them. By clicking Cancel Attendance, they can unenroll from the course. Once they have reached the Attendance component, they will see the title, location, date/time, and the message, “An instructor must record your attendance in order for you to continue,” if they have not been marked for attending the classroom session.


4. Managing Enrollment – Viewing Enrollees

Go to Training Manager and access Classroom Sessions from the left menu. Click on the Enrollments button for your course session.


To unenroll a person from the course, click Unenroll.


5. Track Attendance

Go to Training Manager and access Classroom Sessions from the left menu. Click on the Edit button for your course session.


At the bottom of the page, you will see the Attendance Tracking area where you can click Record Attendance to mark who has attended.

Once you have marked all who have attended, click Update Attendance and Save Changes.


6. Reports for Classroom Attendance
Four reports are available to help administrators and training officers. The other course/assignment related reports can also be used.

  • Classroom Attendance Report – Used to track who has attended a specific session
  • Classroom Attendance Exception Report – Used to track who has not attended a specific session.
  • Classroom Overall Attendance – Used to show who has registered for, or has any progress , across all sessions of a course
  • Classroom Overall Attendance Exception Report – Used to show who has not registered for any session of a course.


Please note the following:

  • Administrators have the ability to manually enroll personnel in classroom sessions.
  • Courses with classroom sessions may not be shared with other organizations
  • If a course has online components, a survey must be completed for a user to earn a certificate and complete the course.
  • Personnel that can Manage Courses can manage Classroom Sessions
  • Personnel that have no set site management roles can be selected as instructors of a course and can manage that particular course, but cannot create new courses or classroom sessions.
  • Classroom Sessions can be made inactive.
  • If a course with attendance components is made inactive, it cannot be selected in the Create Classroom Sessions drop down.


Please click here to view a step-by-step tutorial video of how to utilize this application.

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How to Archive Courses with CentreLearn’s Training Management System

Posted by Rich Miron on Jan 12, 2015 under Support

CentreLearn has now given you the ability to archive your organization’s courses! Read our FAQ’s and step by guide so your training staff can take advantage of this tool.

Why should I archive registrations (courses)?
Archiving will reset a user’s completion status, making the course available to take again. In order to make a course available again, it must be archived.

How does it affect certificates, courses, reports, assignments and training plans?

• Certificates and records are not affected or deleted.
• Courses in progress are reset to the “Not Started” status.
• Reports on completed assignments will not be affected.
• Courses available in assignments may change for a user. A previously completed course will become available again.
• In order to create training plans for a new certification cycle, courses must be archived so they can be reoffered.

When should archiving occur?
Some organizations archive all their courses at the beginning of the year – a brand new year, a brand new slate of courses. Others archive courses for new recertification cycles or based on their annual training schedules.

Who can archive courses?
Administrators and those with the ability to “Manage Users” may archive courses.

How do I archive courses for my personnel?
To archive an individual’s courses, go to Training Manager and select Personnel from the left menu. Click Edit next to the individual’s profile and go to the Courses tab. Click the red Archive Registrations button.



For an entire group, go to Training Manager and select Groups from the left menu. Click Edit next to the group you wish to have their registrations archived. At the bottom of the page, click the red Archive Registrations button.



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Maximize Your Training with CentreLearn’s Activities

Posted by Rich Miron on Jan 6, 2015 under Support


Instructor-Led Activities let you track completion of hands-on training or classroom instruction, online courses watched together as a group, or videos viewed as a group from our library of expertly-selected best-of-the web content.

RECORD OTHER TRAINING: Record completion of any hands-on training, classroom instruction, drills, simulations, or live burns. Also use to record events attended outside your organization like seminars or conference presentations. Watch Video

VIEW ON SCENE VIDEO: Watch a video with your group from “On Scene,” our expertly-selected best-of-the-web library of videos. Try our suggestions for follow-up discussions and drills or use your own, then record the activity for your reports. Watch Video

WATCH COURSE AS A GROUP: Watch an online course in a training room as a group. After watching the videos each group member can log in to finish the other course components, like a quiz, before earning the completion certificate. Watch Video


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An Inside Look at the All-New CentreLearn Training Management System

Posted by Paul Heresa on Nov 19, 2014 under Support

Has your organization been waiting to make its move from CentreLearn’s Classic Learning Management System to the all-new CentreLearn Training Management System?

If so, please watch this demo video for an inside look at the enhanced system. CentreLearn’s interface has been upgraded to streamline functionality and improve overall user experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (877) 435-9309.

For best viewing quality, please select 720p HD in Settings and Full Screen mode on the bottom right corner of the video.

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CentreLearn and TargetSolutions: Moving Forward Together

Posted by Paul Heresa on Nov 13, 2014 under Announcements and News



CentreLearn has been acquired by VectorLearning, a leader in online education for a broad range of industries, including public safety through its TargetSolutions brand.

As a result of this transaction, CentreLearn has merged with TargetSolutions, which is a California-based company with more than 14 years of experience delivering online training and recordkeeping software applications. Today, more than 2,000 organizations, including fire and EMS departments, law enforcement entities, risk pools, cities and municipalities, and public works agencies, use TargetSolutions to manage training.

Customers of CentreLearn will experience no immediate impact by this merger with TargetSolutions.

Your organization can expect to receive the same level of outstanding service and web-based training technology as it always has with CentreLearn. You can continue to use CentreLearn to schedule, deliver and track training and compliance tasks.

VectorLearning is still determining its integration plans and is excited about the potential of offering TargetSolutions’ courses to CentreLearn’s clients, as well as CentreLearn’s courses to TargetSolutions’ clients, at some point.

“VectorLearning shares our same level of commitment to online education, and most importantly, to the heroes who serve us all through public safety. We chose to join together with VectorLearning because it has the same vision as we do – and that is to deliver the very best training courses and applications so emergency responders remain safe, compliant and effective while serving our communities. By merging with TargetSolutions we will be even stronger than before. We’re excited to add our experiences and expertise to the team and begin our journey together.”

CentreLearn CEO Jason Paluck

If you have questions about this merger, please contact us at (877) 435-9309.

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Training System Updates Benefit Training Managers and Personnel

Posted by Greg Friese on Oct 10, 2014 under Announcements and News

At CentreLearn we are always looking for ways to improve the online training experience. We have recently made some updates to the Training System which will streamline some processes, consolidate information, and make assigning and approving training more efficient.

Here is a brief overview of the recent updates:

The home screen dashboard is now organized by assignment status. This makes it easy to see what assignments are overdue (red), in process (white), or complete (green). Personnel can easily replay courses and see progress within training plans at a glance.


Personnel can enter their own training records (external CE) for approval by the Administrator, Group Admin, or as a user with permission to Manage Activities. For training completed independently, personnel can enter all of the training details including an attachment of the certificate PDF, scan of a card, or course syllabus.


Note: Adding Activity Records is Enabled by default. This feature can be disabled in organization Settings.

The updated Training Manager Dashboard allows administrators to review the status of training plans and personnel’s completion at a glance.


Notify personnel of new assignments and automatically send email updates when assignments are updated. Send custom warning emails when completion deadlines are approaching.


Course Builder navigation has moved into the Training Manager Tab. Functionality of the Course Builder remains the same.


Training Plans creation and editing now has its own screen within the Training Manager.


1-Click Reports can now display numbered credentials when the reports are exported, allowing for easy import into other systems.


The updates also included improved user experience in older versions of Internet Explorer (IE), but we still recommend using modern, up-to-date browsers.

Learn more about these updates and watch a video tour.

Register for upcoming Admin Training.

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to contact us any time. Customer Support is unlimited and included with the Training System.

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